whats a good wine for a beginner?!

Question: Whats a good wine for a beginner?
I have been working at a liquor store for about a month and was interested in buying a bottle of wine for my fiance and myself. Neither of us are big drinkers and we have NO wine experience. The only wine I have ever tried was Toad Hollow and I remember it as being bitter. Now, I know people drink wine to compliment food but I am looking for suggestions on a wine to try by on its own to see if we will even like the big world of wine. Thank you in advance!


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-Brunello di Montalcino

Melini / chianti
Tommasi Valpolicella

good wines are from France and Italy - you'll spend more than you think by just searching for the full-bodied wines as time goes...

there are cheap grapes and there are expensive grapes - those two are 100% of the pure variety > > Get to the next level :D

My wife and I faced the same problem a year or so ago , and have become quite the wine enthusists.

1) Buy a basic wine book or watch a video on wines. There's a LOT.

2) Basics: white wines are good for lighter meals: fish, poultry, pasta, ect, and red wines are good forhheavier foods like beef.

3) Less than 7 is REALLY cheep. 7-12 is a good deal, but not great wine, 12 and over is considered good wine.

4) Try champagnes and sparkelling wines. A 10 or 15 dollar bottle taste better than a lot of wines in the same price range, but make sure you learn how to open the bottle properly (DON'T pop the cork) or you will waste much of it.

5) Just experiment and have fun - it's not about what snobby wine "experts" say - it's about what you and your fiance' enjoy


You basically want to try as many different types of wines as you can without breaking the bank, so first look for some decent quality for a decent value. Once you narrow down a few types of wine that you enjoy, then you move up the ladder to see if the enjoyment also moves up. For 11$ You could pick up a decent wine. look for wines with high scores (90 pts and up) and try some zinfandel, pinot noir or shiraz(syrah). Australia has some great wines for a great value. Here's a few that are tried and true. Ask friends what they like. And remember that there are thousands of different types of wine and you are bound to find the perfect one for you and your fiancee.

The Formula Robert's Shiraz 2005---11$ Juicy, Berries, Awesome wine

Old Plains Winery Raw Power Shiraz 2009---8-14$

Boxhead Cabernet Sauvignon 2008---10$

Work at a wine distributor in the Twin Cities. Really love beer, but I get many free samples from work so i try many wines I normally wouldn't buy.

Start with a white. They are typically easier than reds. Try a pinot grigio. Not too sweet, not too dry (bitter). You could always try a riesling, but be careful as most rieslings are a little too sweet. And if you're looking for food pairing, white is good with white/light meats; fish, chicken, pork. If you're gonna pair with red meats try a shiraz, cabernet sauvignon, or a malbec. Malbecs from chile are the best! Mildly fruity, not too tart.

It may take some time to acquire a taste for wine, but don't give up. There are so many different varietals, keep experimenting. Look for wine tastings. Good way to find something you like and are usually inexpensive. Good luck.

work in fine dining

For a beginner I would try the Bartenura Moscato https://wwws.onlinekosherwine.com/product_info.php?products_id=1273. It is on the sweet side, with the fruit flavors kept alive by the decent acidity. You could really enjoy this wine all by itself but if you did decide to pair it with some food, try fish, salad, cheese, chicken or dessert. I think you could really enjoy this wine.



Riesling. Get something from Schmitte Sohnne. It's simple and sweet and cheap. If you can find Relax Riesling, it's just about the most basic Riesling you can buy. Wine snobs will turn up their noses because S.Sohnne is marketing this stuff to wine newbies and it's really, really basic stuff, but I think it's exactly what you're asking for.

If you like it, move on to bigger & drier whites or reds. If not, you're probably not going to find any wine you enjoy.

Try a wine called "relax"

Or, one called "risque"

Or, one called "frozen rose"

I would try a nice ros'e such as Gallo white Grenache or white Zinfandel, i don't drink wine but these are actually very nice and easy to drink :)

Try a nice soft and fruity Pinot Noir.


I am a wino.


why not start off with a dry sparkling white wine ? my favourite red wine is cotes du rhone
don't go for the cheapest or stuff like blossom hill go mid range


Henessy Cognac. Its top of the line and so smooth.

a mild and fruity white/red wine. not too strong or bitter

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