Is wine an acquired taste? Seriously.?!

Question: Is wine an acquired taste? Seriously.?
I've listened to family and friends GUSH over their wine experiences for years and finally decided to give it a try. I would rather drink straight piss than experience this again. Wine smells like vinegar and tastes like vinegar. It was a merlot and the only thing blooming across my palate that night was vomit. ICK. What am I doing wrong? Did I not get drunk enough to enjoy it? What's the deal vinophiles?


I quite agree ! I've ALWAYS said that if I wanted some vinegar on my chips I'd go for the vinegar bottle and not some trumped-up stuff in a fancy bottle with an even fancier price!
I just LOVE to see these so-called wine experts do blind tasting on TV shows - no matter how "expert" they are, they rarely pick the "Best" / "Vintage" or whatever as being the best - on one recent programme the expert who "gave it large" over every wine turned out to be doing nothing but spouting what it said on the labels of the bottle concerned.....
....and what about all this bullshit about "Oh - I get the smell of apricots and raspberries - newly mown grass - freshly laid Tarmac......" It's bloody GRAPES you fools - GRAPES ! ! !
Cut the crap - it's grapes !

ur probly drinking a $19 wine, Have you tasted a $30-$40? it's called
Chateauneuf-du-Pape / Brunello di Montalcino

anyway if you still dont like the taste of these / that means u just dont feel like having a wine

if u go above $40 that must be something else, cause' u know those on display are 10 yrs old now

It definitely is. I like wine and a plethora of other liquors but I like cheap in a box wines that are 5L for like 12 dollars. Those really expensive wines taste horrible to me.

I don't know much but I do know drinking

I can never get over the fact that wine is for women unless you are in ancient Rome or are broke and don't have access to malt liquor, so you buy cask wine. Anyway, try some quality ale instead.

just like these…

It must be! I mean, I think beer is nasty but I'd take a beer over a glass of wine any day!

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