Can you black out from drinking and not remember sleeping with someone?!

Question: Can you black out from drinking and not remember sleeping with someone?
About a week ago I had a party with some good friends, one of my friends I have feelings for. He has feelings for me to but he is not ready to have a relationship or bring someone into his situation currently.
Everytime we get trashed together, we're all over eachother, this past week, things went a lot farther than just some innocent snuggling. We didn't sleep together, at least I don't think so. I remember things getting hot and heavy and getting there we went up to bed around 2 am and I looked at the clock and it was 5 am there is about an hour and a half that my brain is missing from that night. He doesn't remember any of it. We agreed we'll stay friends and just kind of move on from this whole thing despite our feelings for eachother.....
but is it possible that we could have slept together and not remember it?? This may sound like a dumb question but i'm stressing about it. Thanks.


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No but loads of people try using it as an excuse ! ! !

You can black out from drinking and do a whole lot of other things that you won't remember the next day so I'd imagine sleeping with someone could easily fit on that list so I'd say yes, it could have happened if you were both the same kind of drunk in the same bed at the same time.

if you black out it is possible to not remember anything of what you did yes.

um can't believe no one else is mentioning this, but there should have been some evidence if you did. either a used condom or... well there are other ways you could work it out (i don't want to get deleted for being too crude hahaha)

Yup its definitely possible. I've never blacked out but I know a lot of girls who have and they usually are around the wrong type of guy at that point but you seem like you've got good enough friends to look out for you.

I don't know much but I do know drinking

The possibility is definitely there....he could be lying to you about it and actually remember or seriously have been as messed up as you and not remember something the two of you had done. Or hopefully you guys just made it up stairs and just passed out lol.

A very few people that drink do that very thing. It takes either a very large amount of alcohol, a person limited in intellect, or both. Learn to drink in a reasonable manner and have no worries about such a situation.

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Yes, you can black out and not remember. It is deep in your mind and you may have flashes or it or remember all of it at some point, but I wouldn't count on it.

evidentally, he is too! drinking and sex maybe detrimental to the new life it may create. ever hear of fetal alchohol syndrome?

Believe me baby I remember every sweet minute of it, all 4 of them.

Yes, it's possible.

yeah, don't drink so much.

Yeah, it's unfortunately pretty common. It's how a lot of date rapes happen, along with preganancies, STDs, or at a minimum, feeling crappy and having regrets. At least you were with someone who's supposed to be a friend. But that doesn't prevent any of the things above, especially when you are all over each other.

Like the other poster said, it may be that he doesn't remember, or it may be that he does remember what happened and is damned glad you don't. Either way, take this as a near miss wakeup call, and stop drinking so damn much to where you lose control, much less black out. If nothing bad happened this time, you're very lucky. You won't continue to be.

And if the two of you don't think it's a good idea to be in a relationship or sleeping together while sober, then it's an even worse idea when you're drunk.

Stupid crap I did when I was young

When you black out, you don't remember ANYTHING that happened during that time. Only on two occasions have I ever blacked out. The first time was the first time I had ever gotten drunk. I had blacked out for probably a half hour. Most of that time I know I was in the bathroom laying on the floor. I came to as I was being pulled out of the bathroom to be taken to go sleep in bed. The second time was probably a two years ago February. I was out at a bar REALLY late into the night with some friends and apparently I blacked out while sitting at the table. The one girl pulled me up to dance and I guess I just stood there and then walked outside after 30 seconds or so. All I remember is being at the table the whole time. I don't remember about 5-10 mins worth of that night. And to top it off I found out about that like six months later when another friend brought it up. They looked at me like I was stupid that I didnt remember any of it. But I can't remember a single thing in those 5-10 mins.

It's definitely scary not knowing what you did. Usually SOME or your memory is possible to come back, but it is definitely NOT a sure thing that it will. And usually, when someone blacks out they are that really sloppy, stupid drunk and not very capable or coordinated. But sometimes they can surprise you. My best friend has blacked out a few times on her last few birthdays. We celebrate together since mine is two days later. And I've gone and asked her about certain parts of the night and she is like "I did what?!" I usually have pictures or video of most of the night that I can show her and slowly she starts to remember certain things. But never all of it.

I can only answer from experience and tell you that yes I believe this can happen. When I was 21, I went overboard with my new "freedom" and my boyfriend had to recap the entire night for me-because I didn't remember a bit of it. I did wake up to see the damage though. As a matter of fact, it was when I asked "What happened to the house" that prompted my bf to recap. It can be scary...and because of this, I no longer drink as much as I used to.

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