So i gotta question on drinking!?!

Question: So i gotta question on drinking!?
SO. I was wondering how a person could fake drinking alchol. like how could you smell like it and look like your drinking it! and also how would a girl act drunk? So yeah thanks!<3


Apple juice looks somewhat like beer. Just fake it. To smell like it take a mouth full and gargle it then pit it out. Splash a bit on you. You are well on your way to fooling the world. This has been a wonderfully productive and worthy Q&A.


drunk people shine (as in with sweat) you could fake that by going to the restroom and spraying a bit of water on your face, just enough to be shimmery

and you can fake beer look but it'll be obvious that it isn't beer smell, I'd stick to faking liquor


Spill a small amount of a clear alcohol, like gin or vodka on your collar to keep the smell, but not stain your clothes. Then just put whatever type of cola you like in your cup.

Mix equal parts of apple juice and Coca-Cola. It tastes like and smells like rum and coke.

Keep your eyes half closed, talk through your teeth, pee yourself and giggle a lot.

apple juice or gingerale works best. And for the smell... just have 1 shot and you'll reek. And for the act... just act like a retard lmao

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