Question: ALCOHOL QUESTION! PLEASE help me!?
If I take 2 shots of rum then a beer, at like 3 in the morning, will I feel shitty all day, cause I won't go to bed after I'm drunk?


fer surely...!!

That depends, did you eat anything beforehand? Having food in your stomach actually slows down the absorption of alcohol in your body, so you could not feel the full affects until a few hours in; meaning you could in fact do a two shots, sip a beer and then fall asleep for a few hours. However, if you have a fast metabolism and didn't eat anything, yes it can keep you awake or make you fall asleep for a little while then stay awake. In the end, I wouldn't recommend it honestly if you have to be fully conscious and give attention to anything early the next morning.

Bartender, myself and alcohol awareness training and certification

If the beer is Bud, Coors, Millers, etc., you should have been embarrassed
when you bought it.

Mixing good rum and good beer is a waste of both - except for a Scotch
Jamaican - Bellhaven Scotch Ale with a shot of Myers Rum.

Probably. I definitely would.

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