question about underage drinking in Ocean City, NJ?!

Question: Question about underage drinking in Ocean City, NJ?
i heard people under 21 cannot get an "underage" for drinking in oc,NJ because it is a dry town or something. Is this true?


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Laws regarding under age drinking are not local laws, they are state and federal laws. Ocean City can't just "opt out" of arresting people for violating the law of a higher level of government. Trust me, if you get arrested for under age drinking in Ocean City, you'll get charged just like you would anywhere else.

Nope you definitely still can. It doesn't matter whether the town is dry or not, you can still get charged with underage drinking.

Happened to me

ha, you kidding me? if you're underage anywhere and get caught by police, you're getting a ticket...

That makes NO sense.

They would be even more struct since they are a dry town.

If you get caught. Which I doubt. Just don't run around naked after a bottle of Everclear 190.

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