Is there a yellow spirit/liquor?!

Question: Is there a yellow spirit/liquor?
australia day is coming up, and i want to make a fancy shot for my mates, i was planning to make a shot which is green and gold/yellow (australian colours)..

i was thinking of using jager for the bottom part as its green, but i can't seem to think of a yellow drink to go with it.. any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Since you are using Jager, try Apfelkorn for the yellow. They're both German. Of course licorice and apple could be an odd taste. Possibly use that Green Apple Pucker Schnapps and Apfelkorn. Apple and apple - can't go wrong there, right?

Or Jager and Tequila. That's likely the only drink they serve in hell, but still...

There's a honey liquor that's yellow called Barenjager. Very sweet, like diluted honey, kinda thick. Might work!

There's also lemoncello, which is bright yellow... but very thin, and won't make layers.

You can make ginger cordial, but it will also be thin (but bright yellow) -- 2c vodka, a package of that sugared cut up & candied ginger that people eat. Just mix them together, let stand about 10 days and add 1c sugar... It will be very gingery, hot and spicy tasting (I cut it with a little water and vodka mixed.)

Can't think of any other yellow ones at the moment!

Cordial maker, SCA

advocat is yellow

made by warnicks…

Try limoncello. Very sweet. Very tasty.

Italian Limoncello
The famous Grouse - scotch/blend golden yellow colour

Theres this crazy Kenyan drink called Napoleon dark yellow in color. You should try it.

banana bols

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