no cork in the house, just opened a bottle, now what?!

Question: No cork in the house, just opened a bottle, now what?
Help! I just opened a bottle of whine and I can't use the cork anymore, but I forgot that I don't have any spare rubber corks left. Does anyone have a good idea what to use temporary? Like plastic, aluminiumfoil gag, anything? :S

And no, drinking it all tonight is not an option!


double fold some plastic wrap ( or baggy) and either stuff it down the neck or take a rubber band and hold the plastic on

It is the gradual exposure to oxygen that ages a wine. Once you open the wine, you are accelerating this procedure, you need to get the air from the bottle, before sealing it up

a half full bottle will oxidize overnight

if you dont have a wine pump, freeeze the wine in ice cube trays and use in cooking
it wont be good to drink

I would have gone with drink the whole thing, but heck anything you can come up with to stuff down the throat of the bottle to keep oxygen from flowing is going to help.

As you might expect, the wine is likely to be good for another day and not long beyond that.

Almost anything will do. I'd stop it up with some clean napkins or rubberband some to it.
I don't recommend foil. If wine splashes it, it could ruin the flavor of the whole bottle.

Place some saran/plastic wrap over the opening and put the wine in the refrigerator. It will hold for at least a day.

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