What are Goji berries?!

Question: What are Goji berries?
Lately I have seen a lot of adds popping up about Goji berries.The new wonder fruit if one may call it that for weight loss.Can any body tell me where they really come from and what they are.They are supposed to be from the Himalayas.Somebody on the net claims they are growing them in Illinois.
When visiting my local bulkfood store I had a look at it.At first I mistook them for dog or cat kibble.I bought a hand full and tried some.Taste not much but they were chewy.Like some old dried apples.Could somebody please tell me what they really are.I personally think they are a side product or even waste product like some gold fish pellets.
In my opinion put less in your mouth and your weight will stay stable.Any pill you buy that makes you loose weight works but the only weight you loose is not on your hips but from your wallet.


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[askername], I know what your going through, losing weight can really be tuff. Seems like I tied a hundred different diets / programs and nothing was permanent, until I found The Diet Solution Program. I don't know if it will be the right thing for you or not, but it sure was for me.

Good luck.


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