When drunk, is it normal to try to remember something to tell your sober self?!

Question: When drunk, is it normal to try to remember something to tell your sober self?

When your drunk, everythings normal

Totally normal... You should get together with the friend of the other night, and put all the pieces together until you get one picture. I always phone with my buddies the next day to put our minds together about how we got home. Usually it involves a donkey and some sort of board.
The more you drink, the more you can handle before you start forgetting. So you should be fine in the future.

My liver

I do it all the time, so I just send my self and email with a few keywords and not a whole drawn out sentence. Or find one of your more sober friends and tell them to remind you...which doesn't usually help but you never know

Deppends on your pre existing memory to begin with, if you normily have a good memory youll be able to remember every drunk moment like your first bl*w job

been drunk many times and remember most of it

Normal to try...abnormal to succeed.

yeah totally

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