What does it mean "to drink someone down"?!

Question: What does it mean "to drink someone down"?
Help please:D


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Its a reference to possessing a better alcohol prowess. When a person says, "I can drink you under the table" it just means you can drink more than them. "Under the table" because that's where they will slowly slide to from their seat. To drink some one down is the same thing.

If you mean to "drink somebody under" that means to go drink for drink until one of you falls off their chair and under the table.

Well I've only ever heard it used in conversations of a sexual nature. I'm sure you can work it out.

it can mean a lot of things
1. u can out drink them
2. u made them sad or upset
3. u made them tired or somthing
so there hope that helped ur answer

Getting someone else drunk, like they'll share the alcohol with the intentions of doing the same when they have some

It means you can drink more alcohol than they can

Drunk someone under the table-same thing

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