What would happen to me if I took bong hits for the first time?!

Question: What would happen to me if I took bong hits for the first time?
I have never smoked weed or anything like that before but I am curios to know what the side effects are to smoking in a bong. How would I react and feel?


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You will laugh alot and spin out a little and have a whole heap of fun. The first time is always the best.

Yo don't try it out of a bong your first time you'll probably cough and then laugh and then fall asleep in all of 10 minutes. Side effects of getting high on weed depend on the strain of it and how you feel over all (state of mind). basically your perception changes (and you aware of it), you will feel relaxed, and maybe giddy, or creative or thoughtful (you may space out or you may feel social) it's slightly different every time.

Time feels slower, but this is mainly because you're more aware of your perceptions- like if you concentrate on something then you'll experience it more fully then when you're sober, and eventually you will feel hungry- munchies! My first few times it did nothing, and i know other people where they had too much their first time. so i would not recommend having a bong for a first time because (depending on the bowl size) it's at least a session's worth of weed all at once, plus a whole bunch more of smoke. So its stronger.

So have a joint! and have fun! :)

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A bong is just one way of smoking pot. It may enable you to get a faster high, as it will allow more smoke to get deeper into your lungs, quicker. A more important factor than how you burn the weed, is how potent the stuff is. The amount of thc in some of these current strains of weed are crazy strong. If I found a need to smoke dope, I would recommend starting off with a simple joint.
Everyone will react and feel differently when stoned, but usually there is a temporary euphoric, calm feeling, with sometimes the ability to see or judge things from a different perspective.
Your decision to smoke the substance altogether is something that you have to figure out for yourself. Humans have had the need to alter their consciousness since the beginning of time. From the ancient shaman to the child rolling down a hill, to stand up dizzy, the need to see things from a different perspective will never die. The biggest question is... Do I really need to see things differently? If your answer is yes, please look at all the substance abuse in the world, and come to the honest terms with your ability or lack thereof to control your "perspective searching". DON'T BASE YOUR LIFE ON THIS !!! Many of my friends have, and their first issue is that they see the whole world as either people who do or don't get high. They where it as a badge against those "who don't". There are plenty of us who see the world way more free from the "bindings of the current social order", without the need for any chemical means. So if you become a stoner, don't block us out!
Carlos Castaneda wrote a series of books based on a Yaqui Indian named Don Juan in the mid 1960's. He explained many things about conscious altering. One was that your perspective while "out there" should be carried with you through life, and the need to go "out there" should be lessened with time and learning....So don't make it your favorite pastime! Don't become the average pothead, walking around with a cloudy, burnt out need to get high daily for many, many years, or their whole life. What a waste that would be.
Lastly, DON"T WORRY ABOUT WHAT PEOPLE THINK OF YOU!! What really matters is what you think of you. Peer pressure to get stoned is absurd. Be yourself. Good Luck....

weed the first time is different for everyone. the second time is different than the first, & so is the third. by the fourth or fifth, your body will recognize & react to marijuana in your system, mostly your brain. for me, it was an amazing experience i loved. i'm the girl you would NEVER expect to try it. i almost lost my best friend for it, so make sure you're not hurting any loved ones by trying it, if you plan to. . i recommend a bong for your first time, because it feels like nothing when you breathe it in, just like oxygen. the first time, was like being buzzed, nothing. some people coughed, but i used a bong, which is very smooth. the second time, i am explaining to you, is like floating. the rim of it seemed smooth on my second hit, i took about four. which is average & safe for being high, but stoned is a whole 'nother thing. after i inhaled the third hit, i laid back on the couch i was sitting on & let all my muscles relax. ALL your muscles can be peaceful at the state of being high. not like relaxing, but like letting your body find it's safe points. for a minute or two, i just felt chill. then the first sentence of my three friends was spoken & i started laughing. you just laugh. and laugh, and laugh. then i wanted to feel like walking. so i stood up & strolled down the hall. i wanted to nap & listen to music & give advice to strangers. i felt numb then, like i did something wrong, but then i sat down & felt floaty. some people get hyper, some get mellow. i was mostly mellow, but kind of both. i felt so numb it was scary. but then i felt like i was levitating. i closed my eyes & let my muscles float. when i opened them, my arms were raised a few inches higher than before & i felt like i was on a cloud. then i felt pressure on my head & told my friend, 'i feel like someone's sitting on my head,' because she had experience. then i gasped at the sound of my voice. it was so amusing, i kept floating & relaxing & laughing & being numb & pressured on the top of my head. looking back, i wish i would've listened to music because i know i would appreciate & respect & be a wise-girl about what the lyrics meant. the someone turned the lights off & i got scared. i thought someone was going to grab me, paranoid feelings. they were turned back on after what felt like hours, & i laughed again. the feelings started going away, but i felt like i was on cloud nine for the rest of your day. basically, you'll float, relax, giggle, be hungry (i wasn't) & maybe a little paranoid. but i would go for it, there's nothing too horrible about two or three times.

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