Alcohol vs. Pot? Which is Worse?!

Question: Alcohol vs. Pot? Which is Worse?
I drink once in a great while, while my friend does pot once in awhile. What can I tell him, that has been proven fact, to show him alcohol is better than Marijuana. Thanks


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Its obvious alcohol is worse and dangerous sometimes

Alcohol is no better or worse than pot when done in moderation. Once in a while drinking isn't going to cause liver damage or any other health problems. Once in a while pot smoking isn't going to cause lung cancer, either. Mountain Dew, once in a while, isn't going to cause diabetes, and McDonald's, once in a while, isn't going to cause obesity.

It's excess of anything that causes problems. Nothing is safe when taken in inordinate amounts. Oxygen will probably kill you if all you do is breathe out of tanks of the pure stuff.

There isnt any. Alcohol is literally more dangerous than marijuana.

Its more intoxicating.

The way it intoxicates is more dangerous.

Its chemically addictive where marijuana isnt. You may form a habit with marijauna, but your body will NOT develop chemical need for it the way it needs air and water, which is what happens with alochol.

Alcohol is the number one date rape drug, involved in 90%+ of all date rapes.

Alcohol alone accounts for 95% of the nation's duis, even though there are a whole list of things that can cause you to be dui. Marijuana, even though illegal is just as available as alcohol. Marijuana alone accounts for less than a fraction of 1% of all duis, and this is according to our own national statistics.

Alcohol has far more medical contraindications than marijuana

Alcohol is killing your liver, marijuana isnt.

Many will argue that marijuana smoke is bad, but smoking is only one way to consume it. Beyond that, marijuaana smoke has less than 1/3 of the tar of commercial cigs, when you compare the actual bud of the plant, the part people consume.

Its pretty easy to get alcohl poisoning and kill yourself. Its harder to over dose on marijuana than it is to over dose on water.

Sorry, marijuana is safer than alcohol.

Alcohol. Some of the answers below are implying that chronic marijuana use is even bad. No it isn't. You could smoke grams of the herb every day for years and live a very healthy, HAPPY life. Marijuana grows out of the ground for a reason. It's not a coincidence that it get's you high. But with marijuana comes problems too of course...because people will get mentally addicted.

Nah, alcohol is worse bro.
Pot just makes you giddy and sometimes your memory fades quickly.
Alcohol alters your personality dramatically, memory loss, and causes way more deaths than pot.

well the only thing you could really tell him is that legally alchol is better considering its not illegal if your of age but other than that why do you care if he only does it once in a while??

Deaths by weed: 0

Deaths by alcohol:45358545748642568574582475

Alcohol is way worse

How many potheads you know that get into fights.

Na man there have been studies where herb helps create new brain cells alcohol just kill em


hangovers are the worst!

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