Cocktails ideas for ladies night?!

Question: Cocktails ideas for ladies night?
bloody mary bar idea didnt go over with everyone, so im back to the drawing board! any suggestions for like 3 to 4 different drink ideas.... something that wont keep me being a bartender alll night? thanks!


If they have to be mixed drinks, I would suggest margaritas, those "Cosmos" (like in "Sex and the City", Pina Coladas and a variety of wine: meaning white and red. Chardonnay and Merlot.

Most ladies will approve of: White/Red wine; "cosmos", frozen margaritas and some beer. Just limit it! Oh, and make sure there's plenty of DIET COKE AND SPRITE.

I agree with Diane, you've gotta have cosmos, they are so girlie! Having bottles of wine means you wont have to be "bartender" all night.
But if you are wanting cocktail ideas I like something called a woo woo it has: Peach schnapps, vodka, cranberry juice & grenadine in it and is very tasty. At parties I make a couple of pitchers of it with lots of ice so people can just help themselves!!
The website below looks really good too-…
Have fun :)

I just love cocktails!! :)

pina colada, margarita? I don't know, I'm only 12 ;( lols joke.

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