What are some good drinks?!

Question: What are some good drinks?
any great tasting alcoholic drinks that taste pretty good? ....and how to make them?


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Hennessy XO 40%
Hennessy v.s cognac 40%
Patrón A?ejo tequila 40%
Navan vanilla liqueur/cognac 40%
Bailey's Original Irish Cream 17%

My preferences...

All of these drinks are 100% best consumed neat, even the tequila, and put ice on Baileys.
Navan is also great in peach, passionfruit, mango cocktail

j.p chenet/cabernet red wine - what l mean is 'full-bodied' but seriously u can determine the taste by it's price anyway red wine descriptions are waste of time OR Thwaites Shuttle - dark amber beer or bomber ale - l don really drink beer though...

or if u want to go madness with red wine
- Brunello di Montalcino
- Chateauneuf-du-Pape


I know these aren't drinks you mix but they taste nice :P

If you like cider you could try Rekorderlig it's quite expensive but tastes pretty good. They have loads of flavours too only problem is its only 4% :(
...another one is sourz it is a bit sickly but tastes ok and is 15% but you are probably best getting Mickey Finns which is the same but cheaper!!

What about Baileys!?!

My taste buds

There are sooooooo many out there, but my favorite is vodka (Skyy) and I always drink it with pineapple juice, but then there is:

Vodka with cranberry juice (cape cod)
Vodka with orange juice (screwdriver)
Vodka with sour mix (vodka sour) another of my fav!
Vodka with Khalua & cream (white russian)
Vodka with frozen pink lemonade concentrate, coolwhip, and litter water & ice, blended (ripped pink panties) - delish!

Or for other choices go to www.drinkmixers.com


Tequila Sunrise.......1 ounce of Tequila, fill the glass with orange juice and then a topper (1 oz) of Grenadine. You won't even taste the Tequila as this is a delicious drink.

KC Tea: In an Old Fashioned Glass filled with ice add 2 oz of Hennesey Cognac a squirt of lemon juice and fill the rest up with flat Sprite.

Jack Daniels Black Label and Coke, 60% Coke and the Rest Jack. The colder the better. Ice is optional.

My prefernce


~The Fat Man

go for milk tea. it's good for you. :)

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