Underage drinking on private property in the UK.?!

Question: Underage drinking on private property in the UK.?
Hi, I'm having an 18th birthday party in May.
I'll be holding the party in a barn on my fathers land and my parents will be present. Around 100 people will attend and the majority will be underage. Will they be allowed to drink legally?
Thanks for any help.


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Water and soft drinks - YES

Alcohol - NO - you and your parents could be prosecuted for supplying alcohol to persons under the age of 18 - FINES are big.


Underagers, can only drink if with their parents, and their parents are supplying the alcohol.

Anyone who says it's OK if their parents aren't there but say it's OK is incorrect, as is anyone who says it's OK because it's private land.

You will also need, if running a cash bar, a temporary events license, someone with a personal alcohol license to take responsibility of the bar, and a designated premises supervisor - who can be, but does not have to be, the personal license holder (but has to take responsibility for all alcohol sales)

EDIT: I suspect someone on here doesn't like the legally accurate answers so is giving TD's out of spite.

EDIT 2: Fred is incorrect - It is only legall for adults to give alcohol to THEIR OWN CHILDREN while at home, they can not give it to others unless there parents are there and allow it.

Fully licensed doorman so I have to understand UK drinking laws.

Yes -
Drinking at home
It is not illegal for a person under 18 to drink alcohol at home or at a friend’s house. Parents can choose to give young people some of their own alcohol when at home.

and No -
It is against the law:
for an adult to buy or attempt to buy alcohol on behalf of someone under 18

most law is about licensed premises (on or off sales)


It doesnt really matter that your parents will be present or that the party is held on private land. If the police come and see underage people drinking then it is against the law. I'm not sure whether your parents would be held responsible though- possibly as they allowed such a large number of people to do it on their property.

The people drinking won't be breaking any laws. Provided they are over 16 and don't drink enough to make themselves ill, no-one will be bothered.
If any of them are under 16, or if a 17 year old drinks himself into hospital, your parents could be charged with administering a noxious substance to a minor.

I would strongly recommend that you check with the police on this one. Even if it transpires that allowing minors to drink - with their own parental consent - is legal, it may well be that your parents would be liable if any mishap should befall them as a result of drink. i.e. falls or injury for instance. It would be dreadful if such an important celebration ended in lawsuits and damages.

Hmm. There is a legal difference in buying drink & providing drink. (off-licence vs home-brew)
Depends what the underager-s parents say I suspect, together with the local constabulary.

You may give your own child in your own home UK beer from aged 5. Wine from (?) 12 years.

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