How many shots a vodka will it take me to get drunnk?!

Question: How many shots a vodka will it take me to get drunnk?
I'm sixteen and weigh 105


First things first, 16's honestly a bit young to start drinking, your body's still developing and alcohol might have strange effects on your growth, assuming that you drink on a regular basis. I would advise you to wait until you're at least 18. But unlike these other people here who are simply telling you not to drink, I might as well educate you a bit, in hopes you'll drink responsibly.

According to your weight, approximately 3oz (A typical size of 1 shot is 1-1.5oz) will be enough to make you tipsy (0.07-0.09 BAC range). But alcohol has a way of affecting different people differently. It also depends on many other factors, particularly drinking experience. Judging by your age, I'll assume little drinking experience, therefore it won't take much at all to get you drunk, especially if you're a first time drinker. Other factors come into play, such as physical fitness, how much you've had to eat prior to drinking, how fast you drink, how you space out your drinks, etc.

I'm a fit 180lb male. The first time I drank, I was feeling tipsy after 6 shots. Physically I felt fine, but I could feel it hitting my head. To reiterate a previous point, it isn't a case of being able to build up a tolerance, but more so a case of handling the alcohol mentally. As you drink more, you kind of know what to expect, therefore being able to handle yourself better. That being said, that doesn't mean that your limit increases as you drink more. So usually if I've had my 6 shots and I'm feeling nothing, it just means the alcohol hasn't hit me yet.

I would highly recommend not getting drunk, especially if this is your first time. As for some drinking tips, make sure you're well fed before you start drinking. Make sure to space out your drinks, and drink water as well. Drinking water is NOT an excuse to drink more, but it reduces its dehydrating effects and the chance of a nasty hangover in the morning. Don't let others pressure you to drink. If someone else tells you "drink one more" but you don't want to, don't drink it. If you feel like you should stop, then STOP, better to be safe than sorry.

So there's a bit of alcohol education for you. Have fun drinking, but be smart about it. And try not to overdo it either, alot of rookie drinkers tend to make that mistake.…
Personal experience

Sounds like you have not drank a lot alcohol before. Not a lot if that is the case!

This answer page sums it up:

3 will do it. 6 will have you feeling pretty sh**.


If you have to ask the question, you're too young to drink it.

First too young to drink Second two

Oh lord 16?

ur not allowed to drink by law

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