What are some good drinks made with vodka?!

Question: What are some good drinks made with vodka?
Besides white Russians and bloody marys, what are some good drinks to make that use vodka as the only alcoholic content of the beverage? It's all I got :)


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dirty martini

vodka - in tonic water and fresh lemon or lime juice. vodka in cranberry juice. vodka - in mountain dew, vodka in sprite, vodka and apple juice, vodka and pineapple, vodka and coke, vodka and vanilla ice cream! vodka goes right with almost any fruits especially citrus flavors and soda too~ Professional Female Bartender here hun. ;)

Coke, lemonade, orange juice, apple juice, pineapple juice, Red Bull (or your preferred energy drink), fruit juice, cranberry juice.

Or if you have enough time/money you could make vodka skittles...

My year and a bit of vodka drinking... not continuously of course :]

Vodka Martini baby ..... ONLY way...... Snow Queen Vodka with (2 shots) 1/2 a shot of Dry Vermouth put in a shaker w/ ice (shaken not stirred), pour into a martini glass w/ 2 green olives ! Ahhhh.....enjoy !

**** If you dont have vermouth, no problem, leave it out; a dry martini is excellent ! It doesnt even matter what brand of vodka !

Cherry bombs - Vodka, redbull and cherry juice 8)

Vodka straight up. Chilled or not.

some good drinks to make that use beer sprit this like to good made with vodka.

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