Want to know a great beer that's not the same ol same ?!

Question: Want to know a great beer that's not the same ol same ?
I just bought Leinenkugel's Sunset Wheat and it's great ! What is one you recommend that is not a typical 'Bud', a good dark or lager or such ? BTW, this was bought @ grocery store (KRoger) , not some huge fancy Liquor store.


Yuengling Black and Tan is good. Their lager and chesterfield ale is also pretty good.
It's America's Oldest Brewery!
In good old Pottsville, PA.

I love Leinenkugel beers. The Creamy Dark is my favorite, just wonderful. The Nut Brown...what do they call it, Fireside Nut Brown or something? is another of my favorites. I also love the Honey Weiss. Leiny is my go-to beer. Love to cook with it, too. Fabulous flavors.

Breckenridge Brewery's Vanilla Porter is amazing. Idk y they all they vanilla tho cuz it tastes like chocolate.



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