Would xanax bars hurt me in the future?!

Question: Would xanax bars hurt me in the future?
This 420 I would I like to try xanax bars since I have smoked pot in 5 months and do not want to start till atleast the summer I know what xanax is and the effects but I'm 16 and not done growing and haven't finished puberty would taking xanax hurt my growth and puberty?


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xanax is geeked lol. itl jus get u hi but since ur not fully grown ul pass out cuz of the affects.

If i were you, i wouldn't do xanax. It is not that fun, it just messes you up to much and it makes you really sleepy. It doesn't really make you feel good, a lot of people i know including myself don't particularly like it. I have done drugs like xanax like drugs twice (xanax is one of many benzo's like vallium) and both times i just fell asleep shortly after the drugs took effect. One of those times, i woke up still really messed up without realizing it, and my mom caught me :(. Not a good day. If you do it once, it wont hurt you, but be careful, and don't do it a lot, or even often at all. Some people like it though, and you may be one of them. Don't do to much though, it's a bad idea


I can't tell what the future holds for you or any one. I would, however, caution you on anything that might impair your writing skills. Be safe ;-)

I did Xanax Saturday and im on it right now along with hydrodocodone and come dank weed. Don't worry about it, have fun,

Ugh yea it a drug you dumb kid

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