Are beer guts just rumours?!

Question: Are beer guts just rumours?
I'm 17, 5 foot 9, and 150 pounds.

I drink 1 Heineken Lager Beer per day after dinner (330 mL).

Will this develop a beer gut, and is it bad for my diet?


Yes, beer bellies are complete myths.
Beer bellies are the result of genetics and perhaps eating way too much, but beer will never give you a beer belly.

In fact, you only have 1 beer a day?
That's actually really good for you. Moderate beer drinking is more healthy than not drinking beer at all.
Just start reading some articles on beer and health. It's pretty interesting. I'll start you off with some.…,2933,5301………………

Every body's metabolism is different. You may want to wait a little longer before you feel to have a beer a day, but if you are concerned about the weight you have to be active, because of the carbs. This year I have drank more beer than any other time, and had to start working out to maintain my weight. Drink casually...only on weekends with a busy week.

Mostly if you drink in large quantities on a regular basis. One beer shouldn't hurt, but you shouldn't drink everyday at your age anyways, because it can lead to you wanting more and more over time. That's how people become drunks, the more often you consume, the more you want. Just be responsible dude

Absolutely, undeniably, probably not gonna happen. Unless of course in the off chance that it might, then yes, in all probability it could. Next question: Why are you on a diet?? You weigh less than my beer gut! Cheers ;-)

1 a day probably won't make much of a difference. Men (and women) who get beer guts are usually alcoholics who drink many beers everyday.

You're 17? This is terrible for your, and any one else's diet. You WILL get a beer belly and you WILL get fatter.
Beer is full of carbs!

Beer is high in calories but one a day shouldn't do too much if you exercise

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