I'm 16, is it weird that I can't stand gin?!

Question: I'm 16, is it weird that I can't stand gin?
I've tasted wine before and didn't have a problem with it's taste. I just took a sip of my parents' Bombay Saphire gin and I had to force myself to actually place it against my lips. The smell just seemed weird and when I finally got it on my tongue, my whole head had chills. I don't understand why people would drink this.


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Of course not. Im 15 and hate all alcohol.

Always tried at parties.. Never gotten drunk.

I'm 50 years old and I can't stand gin, either. I find the taste rather disgusting. Still, there are enough people who do drink gin that it continues to be made and sold. Apparently, someone likes it. I will stick to my homemade wine and beer with an occasional venture into Scotch.

Good luck and enjoy.

No, gin is a very acquired taste. Some love it, many don't like it without a mixer like tonic water. I personally don't like it that much alone.

Wine is not gin. No sense comparing apples to oranges.

When you're older, you'll like things other than ones flavored like bubblegum.

im an adult and i can't stand gin. i feel like im drinking cologne and it upsets my stomach. leave me with my rum and vodka and im happy.

Its simple logic.

Billy hates pepsi.

Mari LOVES pepsi.

Joseph likes mountain dew.

Cindy loves mountain dew.

= Opinions.


The fact that you drink wine would even be enough to impress plenty of people out there.

Adult beverages are all acquired tastes.

Perfectly normal. I am of legal drinking age and don't like the taste of it either.

Gin is a bit of an aquired taste...but can be very refreshing once you get used to it.

After some years you'll understand why.

gin is nasty.. i dont get drunk anymore so i stick with fruity drinks and beer

No all people are different

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