Do liqueurs ever expire?!

Question: Do liqueurs ever expire?
I know it's sort of a broad question, but I have a few bottles of various liqueurs that have been bought over the last couple of years.
Among them are:
Southern Comfort
Creme de Cacao
Creme de Menthe
Bailey's Irish Creme
Triple Sec

Aside from the Bailey's everything has been stored outside of the fridge in plain room temperature. I'm wondering if any of the listed liqueurs above have an expiration date, or if they're still safe to drink after 8 months or longer. Every one of them has been opened as well, in case that helps.

Thanks for all your help.


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Jager should have been kept in the freeer. SoCo should be ok still. The others are
hit or miss but I wouldn't trust Kahlua or Bailey's since it's dairy based somewhat.

I have an extencive home bar + used to work in an upscale liquor / wine / beer store.

Drinking has been opened as soon as possible, not to open a long time can be saved, the longer the wine is more fragrant

If it were me, I would drink the whole

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