does it matter how long that i boil tap water for consumption l water for consu?!

Question: Does it matter how long that i boil tap water for consumption l water for consu?
people say that if you boil tap water it takes out some of the other contaminates that the water treatment plant cant get rid of but can you boil water too much what is the reccommended time to boil water


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You don't need to boil water, put it in the sun and it will remover what you want. If you boil water then you are going to get distilled water which you can use in your flat iron.

If you are worried about a microbial contaminant, than heating to 170°F for 10 minutes will do the job.
If you are more concerned with things like Chlorine added to tap water, the chlorine will dissipate on it's own if left open in a container for 24 hours. Other more serious contaminants like oil or metallic particulates would require a filter.

Beer brewer.

if tap water was so full of contaminant that you needed to boil it, why aren't thousands of people sick all the time from the tap water.
The fact is bottled water has less stringent rules for contaminants than most city water treatment plants.
No need to waste energy boiling water.
No need to buy water.
Every home in a city has a faucet that leads to water that is perfectly safe.

People saying that you don't need to boil tap water are living in the developed world and have never traveled to Third World undeveloped countries. When you are there, you want to both filter it ("candle filter") and boil it for a few minutes. The boiling kills bacteria but it is the filtering that takes out the cysts. I've seen the effects of amoebic dysentery. You definitely don't want to get it.

You can boil Water as long as you want to. It's true that if you boil the water you can get rid of germs and similar stuff but it doesn't really make sense to boil the water every time you want to drink some it's pretty much clean anyway.

BOIL IT IF YOU WANT BUT THERE IS NO NEED!!! tap water is perfectly fine and i think actually helps to fight of getting sick because its not "purified" also most of the spring waters are tap water that has been run threw a filter so its cheaper to do it yourself

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