Looking for simple cocktails to drink.?!

Question: Looking for simple cocktails to drink.?
I like to play video games with a buddy and have a couple drinks while the wife and kids are asleep. I usually have rum and cokes or gin and tonics. just looking for something different than your usual vodka cranberry, vodka tonic, tequila ginger ale. I also drink more complicated drinks, or I drink Scotch or Whiskey straight. But that is not what I am looking for here. Thanks for the help


hey, man. here are some that are real easy to make.

Elimary's cocktail
Northern Green
Pink musketeer
The Womanizer
Bloody Brain
Pomegranite Martini
Cape Codder
Irish Coffee
Pegu Club Cocktail
Cream Soda
Cucumber Gin Tonic
Black Russian
Simple Pina Colada
Rum and Coke

if you want any of the ingredients or "recipies" for any one of em, jus ask.
there are a lot more, by the way, and i've got those too.



Real Margaritas

2 parts your favorite 100% agave tequila
1 part orange liquer
1 part lime juice (easy if you make a big batch at once and either leave it in the fridge or freeze it)

Serve on the rocks, salt or no salt.

Quick and simple.

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