What is the measurement ratio for making of Basic Alcohol ?!

Question: What is the measurement ratio for making of Basic Alcohol ?
Sugar= ?


Yeast can't typically survive in alcohol concentrations above 15-18% so you would not want to have more than about 27 Brix in solution. Brix refers to grams sugar/100 grams of water. So to break that into a ratio- 1:3 sugar to water ratio BY WEIGHT. 1 cup (8 oz volume) of sugar is a 1:3 ratio with 3 1/3 cups (8 oz volume) of water.

Yeast does not have to be inoculated at a certain ratio because they are living organisms which reproduce (if there is enough oxygen). It is typical to add about 1 gram of yeast to 1 gallon of fermentable liquid.

This solution will not produce alcohol however, yeast needs nutrients (namely nitrogen) in order to survive. It will take a lot of yeast nutrients and diammonium phosphate to keep the yeast alive in a sugar and water solution.

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