What can I do with an alcoholic who will not get help?!

Question: What can I do with an alcoholic who will not get help?
My husband came home from Iraq 3 months ago, I knew before he left he liked to kick back and have a few now it is all the time, and it is no longer beer it is hard alcohol. I have taken him in to the hospital for alcohol poisoning a month ago and he promised me that it will never happen again. he doctor offered info on support groups and he refused and said this was a wake up call but it hasn't changed his ways what so ever. Finally the other day I told him no more alcohol in the house. Last night he kept going in to the bathroom, and each time he came out more and more sluggish. (This is my 5 year old Daughters bathroom so it just adds to my frustration) I finally went in to check out the situation, here he had a bottle of jag hid under there and it was half empty. Then I am the bad one for being nosey. (according to him) What do I do? He doesn't want help he won't take it. what do I do?


I divorced him as he chose the alcohol over his family by not getting help. The kids and I are all happier now.

You can try to talk to him but there is nothing that you can really do, my sister is an alcoholic and i have to just deal with the fact that they are ruining their lives. im sorry to hear that and im sorry but thts the only addvice i can give you

he might have PDST... he needs to see a shrink, and the alcohol is just putting off how he feels about life, and his depression.

it will get worse before it gets better unless someone steps in, or he is willing to admit he needs help


Go to AA. They will have all the answers for you. If you don't go, you are most of the problem.

You can't help someone who won't help himself.

Leave him, to save yourself and your daughter.

I'm no counselor or therapist or professional by any means. I am a Soldier though, and have been to Kosovo in 2005 and Iraq in 2008-2009. I've seen many people come home changed by their experiences and they decide to relieve any stress or trauma that they are experiencing at home by turning to alcohol or other bad things. While there is nothing wrong with having a drink here and there, it is a problem when it begins to affect the family. I do agree with some other people on here that say that he needs to want help, but in the meantime, there are resources for you to look at without worrying about money. Military One Source offers many different types of services from counseling referrals to people who will just listen to you when you need someone. Its definitely something to look at. I wish the best of luck to you and him.


NOTHING AT ALL - They have to want to help themselves


What you don't do, to get them help, is keep making new accounts on here to post the same question, word for word, over and over again.

And as the last time you asked this, at least that I can find with a quick search - though I'm sure I've seen it in the last few days which is why it was familiar, was 3 years ago I would think you had the answer by now.

You were called corinna e the last time you asked this

Either that or you are just trawling the site for old questions to post as your own

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