Seniors! do you still inbibe an alcoholic drink?, is so what is it!. I do not, but I used to , but?!

Question: Seniors! do you still inbibe an alcoholic drink?, is so what is it!. I do not, but I used to , but?
Diabetes put and end to that, Cheers!...


I have to watch the old glucose levels too Thomas, it's annoying but I do have the odd tipple now and again , when I do it's a nice glass of wine usually to wash down a good meal.

Yes, Cava, Prosecco or similar for refreshment, Champagne to Celebrate or just enjoy. and a wine to suit the food ideally a glass of nightly.
The Past? was it a bottle of whiskey with coke or for a change Vodka, as long as it was an empty bottle by the end of the night who cared.
Not smoking now can see what I drink and where and with whom I drink so it is shared, enjoyed and I am glad I totally stopped drinking by choice for over ten years. Three glasses to day has a better effect that a bottle in the past so now a cheap date for myself

I am puzzled by your question.

Is it the prerogative of only the young to go out and get drunk? Us old fossils still enjoy a grog or two,

I enjoy the occasional Cognac in the evening, and a good wine with a selection of cheeses and water-biscuits.

However, now the anti-smoking Gestapo are so rabidly active, I no longer drink in pubs.

When I did though, I always avoided those pubs that advertise "Sky Sports Live football" or that had a pool table.

Somehow, I just KNEW the kind of clientele that I'd find inside!

can i answer this if i just feel old [i'm 55]. .........i'll take it that it's ok, so yes, i do 'imbibe' in the odd measure or two of brandy. just lay off the mixer please, it just seems such a waste to dilute the stuff.

I'm diabetic too but still have a drink, I'm only 42 but it's about moderation and if you have a mixer in your spirits make sure it's a sugar free one.

P.S. ASDA do a nice Gin & Diet Tonic in a 250ml can for £1

I thought you could still have a tipple if you had diabetes, sorry to hear you suffer from it, i like a vodka and coke, way too much!!

I am diabetic as well and enjoy me beers in the afternoons and Scotch and water in the evenings.

Since I retired I have found a fantastic way to turn alcohol into urine. I enjoy every minute of the experiment.

I know quite a few seniors, and most of them don't drink. The ones who do drink will only drink wine.

It's not that bad to drink alcohol but do not overuse it. It's bad for our liver.

i too have diabetes but i stopped so its safer to drive and not kill someone

British Real Ale - the world's finest beer. I've been drinking it for over 50 years.

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