Is there an alcohol that one can drink but doesn't leave an odor behind?!

Question: Is there an alcohol that one can drink but doesn't leave an odor behind?
I'm a non-drinker, but I swear a cashier at a store I frequent often is drunk two out of three times I go through her lane.

I never smell anything, but her behavior e.g. slurring of the words and lack of coordination indicates she might have a drinking problem or MS.

Just curious.


i was told that vodka doesnt have an odor

Even though Vodka doesn't smell like anything, even when u consume a big quantity of it, you can smell it on your breath :/ beer and any other liq is worse... Maybe she rinses VERY well before work or she's on some other good stuff ;)

No alcohol is odor free.
But for those of us who r disabled (I had a speech impediment when younger that still
affects me a little bit) it doesn't take as much to make us "slur" our words so to speak

She's a cashier, there's a good chance she's mildly retarded or something of the sort,

why do you care what the cashier lady thinks??? Also why do you want to cover up the smell?

Vodka..the choice of closet alcoholics.


No known. Drugs can be another cause as well.

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