Is sparkling flavor water good for you?!

Question: Is sparkling flavor water good for you?
Is it heathy for you? I'm trying to lose weight so I stop drinking pop/soda, tea, kool aid or anything that has a ton of sugar. So i started drinking the sparking flavored water instead ( I still drink regular water as well) but the flavored bottle says there no sugar but sometimes I wonder if there is cause it certainly taste like


carbonic acid which is in the sparkling water does taste like sugar. and that is why when you first open a two liter bottle of soda and you get that first drink fresh it tastes extra sugary. also if you are trying to loose weight check the calories as well as carbohydrates in it as those are bad for weight loss too (but don't cut them out entirely because you will end up in the hospital)

They have artificial sweeteners, just like everything else that is labelled "sugar free".

I don't live under a rock.

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