Where should i stash my bubbler/bong?!

Question: Where should i stash my bubbler/bong?
Dont answer saying anything like" dont smoke" or anything relating to that. Now anyways, i am going to buy a bubbler soon, if not a bong, and i dont know where to stash it. Now my parents arent completely against me smoking, but then again they arent open about it. I can stash the bubbler in a closet behind my bed, or in the basement. The thing is, i have a feeling after using the bubbler it will reak of weed and so will my room. The basement may be a better idea, but there arent too many spots to hide it. and alot of people go down there, but there is a dark section where we just have storage etc. which one should i stash it in? im not worried about the size, moreso the smell. i also may have a chance of hiding it in my garage. anyways, what's your guy's opinions?


If you have a old shoe box or something or just a box, wrap the bong or whatever in some old clothes and put it in the box and then just put some clothes over the top to so it wont be suspicious. And then just keep it in your room somewhere.

I have mine hidding there right now :)

I would suggest keeping it some where in your room (under your bed, in a drawer, in the laundry etc.) because you'd definitely be able to hide it better. In order to get rid of the smell, you can spray the bong and the area around it with febreeze (febreeze works best to cover up smoke) and burn candles in you room. Good Luck!


Just have Miley Cyrus hold your bong.

buy a bin and put it in the storage place covered by some old clothes

"don't smoke"

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