Best cigarettes for the MENTHOL hit?!

Question: Best cigarettes for the MENTHOL hit?
I don't like the taste of smoke, I only like it for the minty taste. Which one has more menthol flavor than the regular cigarette taste?


Marlboro Smooths are like straight up candy cane mint they are so good and when you open the pack they smell like a candy. Newports are really mentholy but Smooths are very minty tasting.

Im a smoker myself.

Newports definitely...not jus because I'm smokin one right now but I've tried other menthols nd NOTHING'S as smooth as and tastes like a Newport....I like the Shorts in the Box....or 100's if I'm REALLY STRESSED...LOL....

Personal experience (avid Newport smoker)

Definitely Camel Menthol Silvers (you crush a little ball to get a hit of menthol). Or as this redneck woman told me, smoke a regular cigarette at the same time you eat Tic Tacs. (For reals!)

Definitely Newport or Kool


newports are **** ports... aka sont have them there gross

marlo menthals !!! or smooths !!

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