Binge Drinking - How does it affect you?!

Question: Binge Drinking - How does it affect you?
Hi :)
Just wanting you to give me the following information:

1. How does binge drinking affect your physical, social, mental, cognitive and spiritual?!? health?
2. What SHORT and LONG health term effects does it have on you?

Thanks! :) Every answer gets a thumbs up! Please answer BOTH of these questions!



1. Binge drinking effects every system there is in your body in various ways. Mostly your organs. The liver #1, heart, pancreas damage, kidney damage, brain damage.

2. Short term effects are the hangover. Long term can be serious. vitamin B deficiency could develop.
cirrosis of the liver, kidney failure, pancreatitis, and brain damage.

Drinking more then you're supposed to is hard on your liver and can cause cirrhosis of the liver in the long run as well as other complications.

In the short term, yo can drop dead from binge drinking. If theis doesn't make you stop, hope you have a good will and cemetery plot

alcohol poisoning!

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