Whiskey Drinkers.....?!

Question: Whiskey Drinkers.....?
What is your favorite mixer for whiskey?


ice cubes-----just ice cubes

I agree with a previous answer. Get a good bottle and don't alter the taste. If the distiller meant for it to be drank with a different flavor to it, he'd of made it that way

Sour mix. I tried drinking several brands of whisky straight and could not handle it. The only one that is absolutely AMAZING is Chivas Regal 18 year old Salute but its way too pricey..Whisky in general is just nasty


whiskey few ice cubes or nothing true whiskey drinker that's it.

Just a splash of water.

Sometimes, a splash of rum.

any kinda coke like cherry or vanilla is great

Im not kidding, a little pickle juice, just a little. mmmm sooo good.

Eagle Rare and Maker's Mark strait. Anything else dr pepper

Buy the good stuff and don't screw with it.

ice and a splash of water!

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