GRR. How can i make him realise i don't want to get drunk and stupid?!

Question: GRR. How can i make him realise i don't want to get drunk and stupid?
i've moved to a new school. I'm happy.

I was just talking to someone from the old place where i was bullied. He says they all drink and party now, all the time. They indulge in sex and drugs frequently. I said that's not my thing, and tried to divert the conversation. He kept teeling me to come to this big piss-up thing and to live a little but i don't want to! Two of my best friends almost died in the same night because of alcohol seriously it was so close and my eyes are weeling up now...i don't want to be anywhere near alcohol. I hate to think what might've happened if i wasn't sober... what lives would've been lost.

He's having a go at me now, saying i can't fight it for ever and i'm so immature. I'm only 15!!!

Please, advice??? Thanks x


no hes the one bein immature ----- if all his life is spent gettin p***ed then he's wastin it. just ignore them if you don want to have anything to do with it then dont they cnt make you.

Seriously, just quit talking to those people! You're at a new place, there are tons of other people to hang with. Find some other people who don't want to get drunk and stupid and quit talking to the losers.

The person you're talking to is a douche. If you don't want to drink, then don't. What I will tell you is that alcohol isn't necessarily a bad thing, but some people handle it badly. Alcohol itself is a substance. If you disrespect it and yourself by making stupid decisions, then bad things will happen. However, alcohol can be very enjoyable and safe if you don't do stupid things like drink way too much or drive while drunk. But in the end, it's your body. If you choose not to drink, then don't. Anybody who says you're wrong can f**k off.

He's the one that is immature, it is your life and he might just want to take advantage of you if you get drunk for the first time.
I came to a new school as well from getting involved in that kind of stuff at my old one, and really, it was not worth it. Alcohol and drugs were fun a few times but overall it's mostly bad experiences, passing out, fighting, hangover, etc. lots of nasties. You can have a lot more fun without it and any real friends you'll make will like you whether you party or not. I find that people you drink with don't know how else to have fun especially at this age.
Just tell him you're not into being "drunk and stupid" like you just said yourself, and if he keeps insisting tell him to bug off...

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