is it necessary to consume alcohol everyday?!

Question: Is it necessary to consume alcohol everyday?


That depends. It is necessary for alcoholics who suffer extreme DT tremors. They could die from withdrawal. for them, it IS necessary to sustain life. For a healthy person no, it is not necessary. For healthy people with shy tendencies or lower self of steam who think they have way more fun when drunk, they may FEEL it is necessary and it might help them relax a bit but it they probably don't need to. :)

no not necessary when you start but once you become an addict then it is not necessary but a MUST.

No. Alcohol is not necessary. But people tend to like it. Idk why.

I heard that a glass of red wine a day is good for the system. Or, if you drink wine with your dinner it helps with digestion...

Consuming alcohol everyday is bad practice.

Not necessary in India

lol not at all.....which world are u from ha? Alcohol is never a necessity..the less u drink the better.

I never drink alcohol.


Yes. If you do not the beer gods will be angry.

Yes. I drink at least a six pack of beer per day.

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