Do I have alcohol poisoning?!

Question: Do I have alcohol poisoning?
Ok it was St Patrick's day, and I got pretty drunk! I had vodka in a lot of things and also Wkd and apple sours.

I think I had about half a glass of vodka (37.5% alcohol) in total, about 2 1/2 cups of Wkd (4%) and like a glass of apple sourz (15%).

I'm 5'9" and quite skinny, and 18 in 9 months, but the thing is I drank this earlier on today, ate food, drank water etc afterwards and now I'm completely sober.

I know this may sound crazy to some, but could I have alcohol poisoning? Sorry I'm a pretty paranoid person and some clarity to help me sleep would be really appreciated :L


No, you're fine. If you had alcohol poisoning, you wouldn't have asked this question...

It takes your liver about 1 hour to process 1 beer and same for shots. That is prob why your not sober yet. Throwing up is the first sign of poisoning. Thats your body's way of getting rid of the "poison". But even if you are throwing up your fine to a certain point. Dont let it get too out of hand hough. lay on your side and make sure you dont lay on your back when your falling asleep. Also judging by your typing above i would say you are doing okay


if you had alcohol poisoning you would have puked a ton, you would have likely needed to go the hospital, or you would still be hanging around the toilet

i've drank twice that much on more than one occasion and have never had alcohol poisoning


Yes,you do.

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