Does Eye Drops really help for your eyes when your drunk?!

Question: Does Eye Drops really help for your eyes when your drunk?
Does taking eye drops when your drunk make you look sober?


It's been associated that drinking causes your eyes to become bloodshot, well some eye drops areloaded with tettrahydrozoline, this will definately get the red out of your eyes.

eye drops will make your eyes less bloodshot. but the odor of whiskey coming out of your pores and the retching smell of your breath toss in a little shakiness in your hands and your eye drops you'll find were a waste of money. admit you had a rough night for whatever reason you feel. i had a surprise party for my wife- my 3 brothers came over because i have the MBL channel and they didn't leave. or as i would say boy did i get wasted last night. honesty requires no lie that you wind up making a mistake

NO, if you're drunk you're drunk until you sober up, but you can use eye drops to clear any blood shot eyes. This I know from experience when working on a cruise ship I used to get blottowed most nights and eye drops saved my bacon many times.


No. You'll still be drunk and have sobriety issues .

no, just makes you look like you're a crying drunk

nah man, only when your high!

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