When will I get my hangover?!

Question: When will I get my hangover?
I went out drinking with my friends for the first time tonight and we got drunk I'm okay now but I think I'm going to get a hangover. I f it's four am now and I was drunk at 11 when will I get my hangover? Im 14 btw
I drank alot of smirnoff vodka btw


are you not drunk now? lol you probably wont get one.
i used to drink burbon, vodka, beer. throw up then carry on and i was fine the next day...but that only lasts for so long. And you do stupid **** when you first start drinking. haha the consequence is more the embarrasment of whatever you did the night before.
drink some water. hydrating the next days the worst.

Probably when your about 25...I used to drink a lot and never got hangovers...now that I am older it makes me want to die! Seriously though, drink a load of water..take some pain killers and go to sleep..when you wake up you will probably feel it.

depends your metabolism

You are an idiot

How stupid are you?

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