Can i get a buzz off 1 shot of vodka?!

Question: Can i get a buzz off 1 shot of vodka?
i weigh 115 pounds, i have never drank alcohol before


Yea probably a little bit of one.
Just a little though, like you might kinda feel something.
If you drank two you would get a buzz. If you drank 3 you would get a really good buzz.
And is light as you are, if you drank 4, you'd probably be kinda drunk.

Probably. Especially because you have never drank before. Maybe you would want to try something smaller than Vodka? Like... wine? Becareful when you drink!

Definitely you can

If your that much of a lightweight yes. Although judging by your weight I assume that your 12 or 13 so I do not recommending drinking at that age.

Probably- it just depends on your tolerance- if you have the right(or wrong) genes than yes. If not, have another shot!

Yes, you would probably get a small buzz. Be careful.

It's gonna have to be a bit more than that my friend

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