What time is the earliest you would start drinking alcohol?!

Question: What time is the earliest you would start drinking alcohol?


Christmas Day Champagne with breakfast,any other time depends on what I am doing and what season, on holiday may have a beer with lunch, work days after 7 pm, weekends 3pm a beer with football, glass of wine maybe with sunday lunch.

There is no right or wrong time, just a bad time if you depend on the stuff, and are doing it everyday.


Never attempt to drink alcohol before you are fully awake. It is a great choking hazard.

I would at least put both feet on the floor in the morning before attempting it. Whether you get back into bed with the bottle afterwords is your own affair.

Good luck.

In ma view I'll say
"if u really drink den u will realize soon tat we neva need to start it or end it or at ne specific time"
count it in ur daily works only like breakfast lunch dinner bath etc etc whr u juz do those whenevr thr's a urge of doing (food whenevr hungry, bathing @ morning to feel fresh whole day) same way DRINKING WHOLEDAY :-)


"When" doesn't matter as much as "why". If you just feel like a drink the time doesn't matter. If you can't wait for that first drink, it's time to see a professional, and I don't mean bartender.

the earliest i have started is 10AM but i wouldnt recommend it.
the earliest i would start is 3PM if someone talked me into it

You can start drinking any time you want, because as the song says, "It's Five O'Clock Somewhere!"

I usually don't start until 6:30 PM, as a rule. But there have been a few instances where I had some with lunch. But that's very rare.

Earliest i would personally start would be early afternoon :)


Whenever work/errands are done for the day. Sometimes that's 8 a.m. on the weekend. Otherwise it's 5:00 after I get home from work and crack a cold one.

It is 5 O'Clock somewhere, so anytime is the right time to start

Earliest that I have is Kegs & Eggs at 7 am

5.30 in the morning - when I'd been working all night and had just finished.

I don't find it any fun getting drunk during the day, I would say earliest be 8pm.

Well if I'm up until dawn then it isn't too early, so I guess there really is no time limit.

People here (Belgium) start drinking beer and wine at lunch time.

before biology class-the teachers nuts

5 am in the morning but seriously do u feel like drinkin that early??? lol


6 am bitches


Not before I get out of bed.

About 8 hours after getting up :O)

After noon

I've started at 12am before

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