What are your favorite preemptive strikes against hangovers?!

Question: What are your favorite preemptive strikes against hangovers?
I know some smarta$$ is going to say, "Don't drink." but if you don't drink, I don't hang out with you. It's five o'clock somewhere and I'm ready for a beer.

My favorite preemptive strike against a hangover is a giant glass of ice water and three aleeves. A small snack before bed will help also.


Water is the best solution, just drink a glass or two before you go home and one more when you get home. You'll piss away the hang over in no time.

I drink water before I go out and every 2nd or 3rd drink is a bottle of water. And, before I leave the bar, I take two tylenol

large meal and a tiny greasy snack ( like two or three bites of pizza) before drinking. the grease coats your stomach so alcohol doesnt absorb as fast.

Flat coke the morning after and a biigggg mcdonalds :)

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