How LONG will this hangover last?!

Question: How LONG will this hangover last?
I'm 5 foot 6, 107 pounds, don't drink THAT often (glass of wine here and there) but yesterday night I went to a party and had a bottle of mikes hard (it's one of those drinks that doesn't taste alcoholic but then hits ya) and I did a pretty good sized shot of pure rum (which tasted surprisingly terrible) I felt a bit hungover this morning, I did eat last night, but how long will this last? thanks


Sometimes about 4-5hrs. Eat bread or pasta and drink lots of water and it will be gone in no time. Hangovers come from being dehydrated so rehydrate yourself.

If that is all you drank, you shouldn't have a hangover lol.

But, my advice to you is to drink a lot of water, get un dehydrated, and take a pain reliever. Then take a long nap. After that, you should be good to go.

Next time, drink as much water as alcohol!


Eat something starchy to absorb the alcohol, like pancakes or bread. Take some ibuprofen. It will go away soon, speaking you barely had any alcohol at all.

Normally most hangovers last all day so dont be surprised if this happens, by dinner time (for me) you should feel fine but the day feels like it drags on forever.

Most of the day , I hope you feel better

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