How much water do you drink daily?!

Question: How much water do you drink daily?
I am just curious how much water is being consumed by the people on yahoo answers. I drink about 2 2 liters of water a day


Uhmm, well I excerise alot so about 4 to 5 bottles. At the most, maybe about 7 bottles, and yes, I do have to pee alot. Just wanted to let ya'll know if you're wondering.

I've had issues with kidney stones, and a severe caffeine addiction (was drinking 7-8 cans of soda a day). Ever since I stopped drinking anything with caffeine in it, I've started drinking water instead. I will usually go through 6-7 of my 34oz thirst buster cups of water a day. So round about 200+ oz a day.
Amazingly, I guess I drink about 6 liters of water a day. O_O I didn't realize how much, yeesh.

I usually consume 8 cups every 24 hours. But when I go on strike for about 2 days, someone sneezes a sidewalk full of gilded green beans, followed under a colloquial pitch of clock juice. Then the active formation of mountains will be expelled from the gazelle, and the cranky helicopter gets on the egg cream’s last nerve. Afterward, someone summons the onion juice from the fervent dawn of ages, and eat the coughs that torment the outlandish taste test. Then, a cat morphs into a stop sign, and the beer graduates from High School.

My normal experience

I have water with me 24/7 - so have no idea really how much it adds up to. and btw...if that's all you could come up with, sorry but u need to get a life for real!

gallllons and gallllons
soo many gallllons that the bathrooom is practicalllly my placeee ayo

I consume maybe 5 cups of water a day

like a liter a day maybe 1.5

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