Will drinking one or two beers every now and then effect a pregnency?!

Question: Will drinking one or two beers every now and then effect a pregnency?
my fiancee and me want to drink beer again like we used to before i became pregnant. but, now i am 17 almost 18 weeks pregnant and i am very concerned about it making me have a miscarriage or affecting my baby in a serious way. i am only 18 going on 19, and would like a correct answer to this question so i can know for sure, this is also my first pregnancy. so, if i could get some answers, please?


yes. your baby has a risk of having his/her life taken because of you. :(

It's called Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, and sadly yes it's very serious. Make sure to also check the pregnancy class of drugs- weed may not be physically harmful to a full grown adult, but to someone still developing it can result in birth defects.

I'd lean more towards the side of a serious birth defect rather than miscarriage, which isn't a whole lot better. If not effected physically, the baby will still have psychological problems.

Being a new parent, I would recommend taking a human growth and development class at your local community college. Prenatal vitamins are also very important

Human growth and development

Beer - indeed any alcohol - in moderation is fine. The respondent who suggested the wine is OK and beer is not in view of "the additives put in most commercial beers" is doing brewers a disfavour. Even the brewers of commercial rubbish beers do not generally adulterate their products with masses of harmful additives - why should they? However, it is quite right to suggest that it is better to drink the products of craft brewers - which have the advantage of tasting much nicer than the likes of Dudweiser, Swiller and Curse (I hope I got the names right ;))

Unlike wine consumption, beer can dramatically affect a babies growth. Wine creation requires little or none of the additives put in the majority of commercial beers.

You can safely consume ONE (8-14oz) glass of wine with dinner at night. It actually helps relax your cardiovascular system, and will be metabolized by your liver before it reaches the placenta. Anything more than one glass should NOT happen.


Yes! It will defect the baby's growth =/ Thats the same thing that happened to my friend..

There's only one answer: YES

First I will tell you that Yahoo Answers is probably not the place you should go to for medical related questions.

Second, since you asked I will tell you that it's not "terrible" for the baby as long as it's in moderation IE: an occasional beer being 1-3 "TOPS" on a random special occasion or 1-2 beers for a reoccurring occasion IE: Weekends. This doesn't mean 1-2 a day maybe like 1-2 a week.

The doctors though will probably tell you one of two things which greatly depends on their personal beliefs.
2. SMALL AMOUNTS only and not on a frequent basis.

Europeans typically don't drink when pregnant but it's not unheard of to have an occasional beer.

As for the knuckle heads who flat out say no they are misinformed. I can understand a debate about wine or beer but to say no without any argument or gray line means that they've drank the koolaid and the flavor is wrong.

Wife's OBGYN (Amberg Sulzbach Germany)
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