I use plastic bottles I find in the street for milk?!

Question: I use plastic bottles I find in the street for milk?
I wash them out and dry them. Then fill with milk to freeze. This means the milk does not go bad as I defrost it when I need it. The bottle can not be cleaned of milk after use so I use a new one each time. What risk to my health can there be as I do wash them first. If health was a problem what about plates ect in a cafe.


i reuse my plastic bottles in lots of different ways, including storing water i've boiled & let cool 'cos the water around here is quite hard (to drink)

the family (all live in different places) actually just freezes their plastic milk bottles after buying a few 2 save petrol etc. it's a very good recycling idea & effective storage tool.

you (& anyone else reading this) might also want to find out the different things you could do with gon off milk, i make porridge with it, there's an african vegetable that comes out real nice with it, drop scones, you can make a lassi (which is a gorgeous asian drink made with gone off milk) i don't know how to make cheese & professional tasting yoghurt yet but i might come round 2learning it sumtime

Thankyou for doing your part for the environment. The whole world should thank you.

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