How can i stop drinking root beer, and drink other soda's?!

Question: How can i stop drinking root beer, and drink other soda's?
i can't help it. i love the stuff. :D. i want to choose diffrent flavours of pop, but i don't have the willpower. i only want rootbeer. i'm 125 pounds, so i'm not obese. but, i want to drink some other flavours i like, but i only want rootbeer. what's something, that will give me the willpower to drink other pop's besides rootbeer.


theres no way, root beer is to good to leave, and theres no reason to change. but im also a root beer fan, and i really enjoy verners ginger soda, but the first one i had seemed really strong at first, but then it became much better. i really enjoy it. i also like Arizona's grean tea w/ ginseng and honey, great flavor.

If root beer makes you happy then just stick with root beer lol There's no need to go out and try other stuff if it's not necessary. I would probably recommend Dr. Pepper for you since it's stronger and has a little bite to it. And for a root beer suggestion, Henry Weinhards is thee best =P haha

how bout if you drink crush pop, cause they are kooo lol but i love oragne crush and rootbeer too...oh even the no name root beer over heres so good, aww im going to go and get sum now =P...i also like to eat roots and drink beer...hope i helped =D

well if you just take the taste of other sodas then maybe you can overcome it

I loveeee it.

but coke is not bad so is ice cream soda

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