I have recently quit drinking! How can I let go and have fun without alcohol?!

Question: I have recently quit drinking! How can I let go and have fun without alcohol?
I have recently quit drinking. Social gatherings have become a annoyance. I want to have a great time and I just can't seem to get into the vibe of everyone else. Couple issues. 1)When we go to parties. I have a very controlling boyfriend. I used to drink more to ignore his controlling ways. After I would drink so much he could not control me anymore. 2) When I would drink, I could never contol it. I am 100lbs and I would on any given day drink a 12 pack of BudLight Way too much! 3) I do have social anxiety, drinking removes everything. I could be me. After I quit drinking I did have ANXIETY attacks. NOT at parties. I went through week long anxiety attack which was inflarred but my family's dependence on me. BUT I do think it was alcohol related.
I have been clean now for four striaght weekends. I am heading into my fifth weekend I feel like I have a monkey on my back to drink. I want to let go and have some fun.By how besides alcohol. HOW?
I am a strong beliefer in GOD, God Heals


just find a non alcaholic drink and try those

Just have a drink

I'm a recovered alcoholic in my 5th year of sobriety thanks to alcoholics anonymous, I went into rehab in November 2006 for 3 months so I spent Christmas in a rehab centre, there were about 30 of us there and we all had a wonderful time.

The secret lies in the fact that to stay free of alcohol you just have to make new friends and take up new hobbies and interests, I still have a great time at parties without alcohol, I just don't go to places anymore where the sole aim of everyone there is to get drunk.

If your boyfriend is so controlling and you don't like it, it might also be worth considering a change there also, there are a lot of ways to control anxiety without alcohol or any other drugs for that matter.

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