How many glasses of wine Jesus drank on that wedding party ?!

Question: How many glasses of wine Jesus drank on that wedding party ?

As I suspect your question is for amusement only, I suggest you look at this…

If Jesus existed (and there's plenty of doubt about that) he would have drunk wine (and beer) just as did all who lived in Biblical times. And at any party he would have behaved as have most party goers before and since - that is, probably enough to get mildy sozzled but not enough to get comatose.

Jesus was, after all, a human and certainly had the same desires and frailties of every other human; it is only his religious followers who have ascribed miraculous powers to him.

Just enough I'm sure. And it wasn't a wedding party, it was actually a passover seder.

Well he turned a few jugs into wine which is quite a bit! He probably had a fair share. He knew how to get hammered, hahahaha!

As much or as little as he wanted. There was no legal blood alcohol limit back then.

Jesus peace upon him never drank wine NEVER.

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