Will i be thrown out of a pub if my friend buys me alcohol and the barman finds out (im 17)?!

Question: Will i be thrown out of a pub if my friend buys me alcohol and the barman finds out (im 17)?
Its my friends 18th tonight. Im only 17 so i wont be able to buy alcohol but what will happen if the barman finds out someone else has bought it for me?
I have drunk in pubs before (like local village pubs ) and even been served since i was about 14 bu its never been for someones party and i dont want to be thrown out and ruin it for eveyone (then they might check everyones id and realise ost of them are fake!)
My mum is fine with me going and drinking because she knows i will be sensible and i never drink until im drunk just have a few drinks for occasions like this etc!
I know it is still illegal but will they care as long as I dont go and try and buy it? My closest friends who are going are all 18 already and have said they dont mind going up and buying drinks for me if i give them the money. It feels weird going out with them because i usually go to the pub with people older from a sports club i play for and im kind of nervous!
thanks for advice / help with the issue! (:


First off how do you know you will get in in the first place??
assuming your living in the uk because of the drinking age of 18, in the uk a lot of pubs and clubs will ask for id on the door form everyone. so you may be turned away straight away.
if you going somewhere that doesn't have people on the door and your friends buy you drinks, IF they find out they will kick you all out and possibly fine the people who were buying drinks for you.

we all know what its like being 17, everyone is turning 18 and you wanna go out and have fun with them, when i was about 16/17 that was around the time they started getting more strict about checking id's, there were only one or two pubs that i could go where i knew they didnt ask for id, noe its even more strict than then and the have the "if you look under 21" rule!
a lot of places, especially if they have been hired out(and even more so for an 18th birthday) or bring in a young (students) crowed will check everyones id

i would say take a risk and go (some places are quite good, will just kick you all out and skip calling police and getting a fine) but i would say try and buy your own drinks and keep your fingers crossed that they dont ask for id, if they do just have a look through your bag and then say you must of left it at home, then leave. its not the end of the world but you would of tired!

Yes,and so will your friends-it is illegal to buy alcohol for anyone under 18yrs old in a licensed premises
.Not only that,the barman,and the pub landlord will both get a hefty fine,the barman will loose his job and possibly face prosecution,the landlord will lose his licence and also faces prosecution.
It's really not worth the risk

Um, if you are under the legal drinking age, and are drinking, ESPECIALLY in public, YES, you will be thrown out and reported to the police. What kind of question is that? You might as of well had said: "Can i drink if i am under the legal drinking age?"

Lets just hope the local council or the police don't do an on the spot check in the pub. You will walk away scot free for underage drinking, but the owner of the pub stands to loose his personal licence and following that his income and pub.

Short answer, yes. Every member of staff and the establishment gets a heafty fine if the Police check IDs and you're underage. Whoever bought the drink for you will have a criminal prosecution if you're caught.

You'll be thrown out and so will the person buying it for you. If you are in the US, you have to be 21 to be served in a bar.

You will both be thrown out, you for drinking it and your friend for buying it for you. Keep a low profile, just be confident. Have a good night.

You will both be arrested and have to stand before the high court. Your friend may have to go to prison.

Not only will you get thrown out but the person buying it for you will as well.

You will both be thrown out, and rightly so.

you will both be kicked out if you are caught

And that's why 18 year olds can't drink in the US because they haven't grown up enough to know that buying alcohol for minors is nothing but trouble. It's only another year...you have an entire lifetime, or a shortened one if you wind up with cirrhosis of the liver...of drinking.

If they're really your friends, they'll buy you a soda and keep you sober and you and themselves out of trouble. One drink is just not worth it.

Yes. There are such things as legalities. Just wait for a bit, you'll be 18 soon. There is no guarantee that you will not be found out, but what if you would? That would surely ruin the party. And as the folks said jail time.

But hey, if you are a risk taker and a sensible drinker, might as well go for it. Just don't drive if you do. But I am vying for the waiting til your 18 and just say no thanks to beer or drinks for the night thing.

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